hornyandready (hornyandready) wrote in cyberotica,

I need help...

I'm kind of a nice guy type. I have a great girlfriend and I really want to please her. We've never had sex, it's a long distance relationship, but she's into rough sex... not really rough sex, just a little rough. I'm not sure if you understand that, sorry. But if you do, I'm not very sexually experienced, I've only had sex one time... I'm not sure what may be good for her, or what I can do. I know I may be a little nervous when we first do it, and she's kind of expecting that. But I want to know when we start to do it more, how I can be a little more pleasing to her. First of all, as I said before I'm kind of a nice guy, never really thought about rough sex. How can I get out of that mindset and really be a little rougher in bed, and what kind of things would I be able to do? I don't ever feel very comfortable talkin to her about this cuz I don't wanna seem inadequate, so I wanted to know what you all think. Your help is much appreciated.


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