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Up coming events in order this weekend in Toronto!!

Dj Darq and Humanclone presents
Cyber-Fetish… (((The Resurrection)))

Well, the time is almost here for Cyber-Fetish. I am very very excited about this event and so is humanclone;) So here what we have in store for you guys ;)

The play room area which will be in the front area of the club will include as follows;

wood horse,
Wrist stocks on chains,
Spreader bar
Suspension chains
St. George Cross with wrist straps.

sher_khan will be the DM along with nonstrvngartist.

A special performance by Mistress Jezebel that you do not want to miss :)

We will also have decor put up as well as wicked visuals for background eye-candy. Also, we will have vendors:- blackfaerie Designs, Arcnet01 and Nightmaregallery. Also sponsors of the night include Toronto-Goth and Posepod. Lots of giveaways… and so much more..

We have a web-site now but still currently working on it. It should be finished soon. But... In the mean time, check it out as there are rules on there that we would like you to follow ;)

Lets not forget our Cyber go-go dancers:- cybergirl, syndustria & hearseboi who will be dancing there asses off to Electro, Psy-Trance, Dark-Synth, Industrial and Synth-Pop all evening;)

Where:- Savage Garden [550 Queen Street West, Toronto]
When:- Friday February 3rd, 2006 and the First Friday of every month after.
Entry Time:- 9pm
*Admission:- Free before 10pm, $5.00 after!!!*
*This is a 19+ Event… Id Required….*
Free Candy..

For more info, please visit;



Saturday February 4th, 2006((The Day After Cyber-Fetish)))

Pass this info on in your own lj and lets get this weekend off to a really good start :D Tag, You-Are-It :P
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